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Li Changshou is sleeve robes fluttered, listening to the sound, one paper figurine flew out, turned into various human shapes in how to make gummy bears with cbd a how to make gummy bears with cbd blink of an eye, quickly suspended above the iron rod, and poured the stored immortal power into the iron rod.

A fairy banquet started like this.Li Changshou, Bai Ze, and Zhao Gongming sat on one side, while Yun Xiao, Ling e, and Qiong Xiao sat on the other side.

King Qin Guang made a gesture of invitation and greeted how to make gummy bears with cbd Li Changshou, Zhao Dezhu and Long Ji to enter the city together Li Changshou did not introduce Zhao Dezhu, and they did not ask any more questions.

His Majesty the Jade Emperor is kind hearted and magnanimous, and Yue Lao has also worked hard in the heavenly court, so he will not how to make gummy bears with cbd be blamed.

As soon as the black panther set off, Heavenly Court sent a demonic letter to Wubuzhou to hunt down Taoist Lu Ya, the remnant of the ancient demon court.

The Xuanhuang Pagoda disappeared without a sound.This old man is Taiqing Laozi, and cannot explain his face, just because this face is born from the heart of the Tao, and the heart of the sage is no longer a worldly thing The bottom of Li Changshou is heart was completely unable to condense the image of Master Taiqing.

Sitting leisurely in the how to make gummy bears with cbd bamboo forest, feeling the aura of suitable shades, enjoying the fragrant tea cooked how to make gummy bears with cbd by hand, listening to the whispers of people in Biefeng from afar, and listening to Yingyan Cuihong in the attic, the days of practicing at home are so quiet and comfortable.

Water God, Water God Li Will my anxiety ever get better .

1.How music reduces stress and anxiety VS how to make gummy bears with cbd

royal cbd cannabidiol gummies reviews

What to do with anxious energy Changshou opened his eyes how to make gummy bears with cbd at the paper Taoist man by the lake, his eyes flickered, and he immediately retreated.

Yun Xiao then dissipated the power that was about to explode and sighed Follow me back to the island to practice cultivation later, do not run around outside, your cultivation realm is almost overtaken by the younger how to make gummy bears with cbd sister.

Yue Lao shook his head at first, then paced back and forth with his hands behind his back, murmuring constantly in his mouth.

She also held out a guqin and played a cheerful tune.Li Changshou smiled, closed his eyes again, and when the tide of sadness gradually subsided, his mind began to be busy again.

It is not a problem, it is just a word.Maybe it was because I was embarrassed for taking too many seasonings, but Niu Tau Ma Mian was extraordinarily enthusiastic, and even a little too hard.

There were a total of 146 cbd stocks to buy today Paper Daoists in the two underground sets.With the additional how to make gummy bears with cbd 36 Paper Daoists madly injected with immortal power, they all reached the critical point of the Golden Wonderland Heaven is way does not allow it, the power of heaven is way trembles, anxious anxious and self destruction is born.

Do you know why Master brought Ling e back to the mountain Li Changshou lowered his head and said, This disciple does not know.

Above the city, the sword whistled, and the magic weapon shone On the hillside, Li Changshou raised his left hand, his right hand supported the wrist of his left hand, his palm was aimed at Youqin Xuanya, and wisps of invisible and colorless Dao rhythm waved from his palm.

At that time, Empress Houtu did not have any treasures, how to make gummy bears with cbd so she could only rely on the magical powers vegetarian options melbourne cbd of the Wu clan to fight with the ancestors of Ming He.

Li Changshou said with a smile Now the demon clan is making trouble, and the road is not stable. My cultivation base is shallow. can cbd treat depression If there is no master by my how to make gummy bears with cbd side, I will not dare to move around.Haha, at the end of the day, I still blame me for not picking you up The real Taiyi how to make gummy bears with cbd made a gesture of invitation, Water God, please, today the poor man has something to ask for, let is go inside and talk.

Hearing the sage empress say God of water, go and rest, I will show up later, I still have one or two small questions.

Once the demon on the border of Beizhou has been slain, he can take advantage of the situation and ask for credit, which will be offset by this punishment Thinking about it carefully, it is really a coup, it can be described as killing birds with one stone.

My uncle is in Heaven, and he is considered a civil servant in size. Everyone will give me some thin noodles, and it is okay to go out for a walk.In a few days, how to make gummy bears with cbd I will arrange a few heavenly soldiers and heavenly generals to discuss with you techniques and supernatural powers.

But he was half a step too late.The huge ball of flesh formed by the black scaled flood dragon has smashed through the dragon body dam at how to make gummy bears with cbd the sea eye.

That is to say, Senior Brother Xuandu is the oldest pure Yang human Does CBD help with infection .

2.How To Make Cbd Gummies At Home

Best books about CBD race in ancient times.Even in the calamity, he jumped directly to the Wuzhuang Temple with several treasures taught by others at the critical moment.

At how to make gummy bears with cbd most, I accidentally saw it a few times, thinking about how Uncle Zhao is literary talent was.Beware of the immortals who intercept the teachings and come to the door and ask how to pursue the beloved immortals.

Inquire inquire.Li Changshou asked in a voice The two fellow Daoists, Empress Houtu is one, how would you describe an elder How to describe it Best CBD oil for energy and focus reddit .

How to get treated for anxiety :

Can CBD gummies cause high blood pressure:what does cbd gummies do
Best CBD oil for pain utah:Safe Formulation
Smilz CBD gummies free trial:Harmony CBD Focus Gummies

How to stop worrying before bed Niu Tou frowned and muttered Water God, you suddenly asked this question, and we do not know how to make gummy bears with cbd how to answer it, cbd gummies gelatin free moo.

When Baoguang subsided a little, the archmage looked at the orbs that had how to make gummy bears with cbd hit him and were scattered all over the low table, and black lines gradually hung on his forehead.

The will of Immortal Jian Dizun.Good, how to make gummy bears with cbd Li Changshou lightly swept the woman with his right hand, and the golden clouds in the sky overflowed with golden light, which converged on the woman is abdomen in a blink of an eye.

The well dressed Zhenren Du er was restless, flights to sydney cbd sitting with more than a dozen close friends, constantly thinking about the last time he lost his words after drinking, which led to the murder of the Renjiao Grand Master Fengjing.

Chuansheng reported peace to Ling e and the wine master, and asked Ling e to meet in the pill room a month later.

Tianwei can not be deceived The demons were quiet for a while, and suddenly there was a loud how to make gummy bears with cbd laugh, and there were hundreds of demon clan masters laughing one after another.

His Majesty is great talent, cbd accommodation hard work, and thoughts of all beings in the how to make gummy bears with cbd Three Realms are truly admired by the little Gods.

Taiqing watched the stars move and the clouds stirred, Li Changshou sat here how to make gummy bears with cbd quietly.The ghost knows why, but I even sang in my heart I should be in the yard, not in the house, and suddenly it feels so weird.

Ao Yi nodded with a smile, there were a few old dragons to help, it was just a trivial matter. Beside the Heichi Peak water pool, Li Changshou and Bai Ze looked at each other.Bai Ze smiled and said, Ling e is amazing, she can figure out the identity of His Highness Ao Yi with just a little hint.

Seeing the situation where the swords are drawn, he must be a little how to make gummy bears with cbd anxious in his heart, so much that he can not say anything.

Just outside this boundless star sea, Li Changshou seemed to see the boundary of heaven and earth at a glance, and saw the vast void beyond the clear air.

This kind of worship is not just for the strong and the masters, but a subtle sense of identification.

Li Changshou is immortal sense swept over, and his forehead was covered with black lines. The Is cannabidiol psychoactive .

Best hemp CBD gummies for pain ?

How to get through anxiety stone temple was built with mana, slightly rough, but definitely strong.On the high platform of the stone hall, the Master Wangqing, wearing a black cloak, sat coolly on the main seat without saying a word.

Mr.Bai thinks, where should the killing karma be in this calamity It is hard to say, Bai Ze took a sip from the glass, The catastrophe is to weaken the power of life, CBD gummies with blood thinners .

3.CBD gummies tampa

Does CBD oil work for anxiety and who should respond to the catastrophe is judged by one is own luck, fortune, and the connection with the catastrophe, and there are infinitely many more.

Bian Zhuang and Senior Brother Lu Yue had many offensive words before, but His Majesty does not seem to be angry.

Human education alone is the archmage, and it is enough to reverse the war here.The demon clan is the demon emperor of the year, and it is difficult to fight against the archmage blessed by the innate treasure.

You do not have to worry, your previous life was just Wan Jiangyu, the eldest disciple of Lin Jiang Sanren Jiang Lin er, the immortal seedling of Xiao Qiongfeng is lineage who died prematurely, and my teacher was just your junior brother.

Your ruler fell Ran Deng subconsciously clenched his fist, but at this moment he just turned his head and said with a smile Thank you.

Zhao Gongming sighed softly and explained what happened back then.At that time, Master Sanqing had not yet been sanctified, and Taoist ancestors were busy comprehending the ultimate meaning of beheading three corpses and becoming sanctified In the ancient times, the era when picking treasures was easier cheap hotels in adelaide cbd than eating had also how to make gummy bears with cbd entered its how to make gummy bears with cbd final stage.

Before he said a few words, Hua Ritian just burst into laughter, his mood was extremely comfortable, and his emotions were very venue hire melbourne cbd turbulent.

Seeing the black panther spirit, Han Zhi is eyes turned red, and she hurriedly called Master.But the black panther spirit dodged immediately, turned to Han Zhixian, and sighed The reincarnation is no longer a predecessor, and the poor dare not respond too much.

How Smilz CBD Gummies marijuana and depression to do Wait on the cloud Very urgent On the Tianting Cloud Road, Bian Zhuang had a genial smile on the surface, constantly using his magnetic bass, the fairy who was obviously not interested but still listening how to make gummy bears with cbd patiently, gushing about some interesting stories about Tianting.

Heng e and marijuana and depression Shark tank CBD gummies for memory Dayi knew each other and fell in love with each other, and became husband and wife.Nine days after Dayi is shooting, the demon diamond cbd affiliate program queen took revenge on Dayi and seduced Heng e with an immortal medicine.

The waterway inspections in Nanbuzhou cannot be left behind, and the affairs of the Dragon Clan of the Four Seas often require distraction.

It is true that there is been a lot of stress lately.How can I help you ease Yun Xiao said for a while, pursed her thin lips, and her cheeks turned red for a moment, I am not good at dancing.

Putting this divine soul light in his sleeve carefully, Li Changshou drove this paper Taoist man straight how to make gummy bears with cbd The best CBD products back how to make gummy bears with cbd to the Water God Mansion.

At the same time, on the Black Pool Peak.A wave of fluctuations slowly spread from the water pool, Bai Ze carried Li Changshou on his back to show his figure, and slowly crawled beside the water pool.

What are you afraid of Hey, the last will obey.Ao Yi pretended to be surprised, Deputy Commander Bian is so clean Bian Zhuang suddenly put on a lifeless face.

She stood on the cloud and watched with a smile.When Li Changshou invited her in, she rode the cloud forward and jumped to the white cloud at Li Changshou is feet.

With eighty how to make gummy bears with cbd nine profound arts and the teachings taught by Senior Is CBD illegal in iran .

4.Will CBD gummies help with stomach pain

Can you take sleeping pills with CBD Brother Yu Ding, Yang Jian is achievements in the future are bound how to make gummy bears with cbd to be limitless, Li Changshou said, but the catastrophe is imminent, and we can not wait too long.

Qiong Xiao is eyes widened, and he took out the golden Jiaojiao scissors, I went and snapped this big radish Yun Xiao frowned slightly, and looked at Zhao Gongming and Qiong darwin novotel cbd Xiao helplessly.

Like the human race, they can survive stably without cultivation, and cultivation can become a race that protects the world with masters, which is indeed how to make gummy bears with cbd the most suitable for the prehistoric world.

The disciples overreacted, Master, please do not mind.The Archmage pondered a few times and said, This is my first trial for no reason, and I will how to make gummy bears with cbd ask you to are arrange it again.

As a result, the Fengdu city quickly marijuana and depression became lively.Several Yan Jun went out to greet him, and entered the Yan Luo Palace together with Li Changshou to discuss the joint performance of the gods.

My mother is the Immortal Head of Yaochi, so they call me His Highness, Long Ji sighed, Actually, I have no priesthood in Heaven, I am just a loose immortal.

Mu Gong is hair and hair fluttered, and the sword in his hand shone brightly with golden light.The power of the heavens was like a tidal wave, blessing the battle formations on the north and how to make gummy bears with cbd south sides of the heaven, dyeing jumbo cbd the silver armor of the heavenly soldiers into gold.

Except for the red rope on the left hand that had been set and was tied to the Queen Mother is body, five more ropes came out.

However, Li Changshou began to ponder the Golden Palace cage.If the Immortal Slaying Flying Knife could be used by him, it cbd hutch how to make gummy bears with cbd would be the best and the key to this should be the Great Yi Soul in the Golden Temple.

Too much, uncle.This is Li Changshou is heartfelt sigh, and it is also a warning given by Li Changshou after careful consideration.

Today, I came to visit the Guanghan Palace to make an apology for the past.I heard a voice from inside the door Lord Water God, wait a moment, my master is bathing and changing how to make gummy bears with cbd clothes, it is inconvenient for you to enter the palace at this time.

Li Changshou, who had originally planned how to make gummy bears with cbd to wait for dawn to return to Heaven, decided to leave half an hour earlier.

Youqin Xuanya glanced at it and cried out Father Well, Li Changshou how to make gummy bears with cbd said, the other dozens of souls are your mother is guards.

The sect master of Tongtian has already calculated the catastrophe of Daomen, and it is estimated that the great acupuncture points to relieve stress sect master of the Western religion has also calculated it.

Senior Brother Xuandu does not know where he went.I will take it to you, it is not far from Sanxian Island, Li Changshou said with a smile, Let my brother take me back to the Sea Temple later.

Ao Yi how to make gummy bears with cbd and Bian Zhuang were standing behind Duke Dongmu at this moment, standing silently with dozens of Heavenly Court generals, all waiting for the marching order.

The three dragon kings of the South China Sea, the North China Sea, and the East China how to make gummy bears with cbd Sea all are cbd oil and hemp oil the same grinned in unison.

Li Changshou did not taboo anything, he has always been very How to cure anxiety attacks at home .

5.What is delta 9 CBD

What is the strongest over the counter pain reliever serious.He inquired about the changes in the number how to make gummy bears with cbd of births of the how to make gummy bears with cbd Wu tribe in the past 10,000 years, and also inquired about the number of Wu tribe couples today, as well as the level of Wu tribe is cognition of reproduction.

As soon as she entered from the west gate, she immediately exited from the east gate.When she left Fangzhen, she had already changed her appearance, turned into an old woman in the fairyland, and headed towards Nanbu Continent.

In fact, there is some truth to it.Li Changshou nodded slowly and said, So, I probably know it, thank you Yan Jun for clarifying the confusion.

Qi Yuan was a little unclear, but thc oil for seizures he cbd oil sprouts did not say much, just let Li Changshou and Bai Ze toss.After a while, Bai Ze smiled and said I just imagined going out with fellow Taoists, and I how to make gummy bears with cbd did not have any worries in my heart.

The incarnation of desire is constantly impacting his primordial spirit, prying into his heart, trying to dig out what he desires most.

She almost cried with joy on the spot, and she was filled with emotion After so many years, I have poked the real flesh and blood of my brother again good chance Ling e is eyes lit up, she suddenly showed a wicked smile, ran to the pill room to find the pen and ink, and looked at her senior brother for a while.

And Li Changshou secretly reminded Mrs.Bian that there seemed to how to reduce high inflammation in the body be some benefits of cbd gummies reddit problems with the previous views of two or three old ladies, so Mrs.

Ling e gently stood on tiptoe and rubbed upwards actively, her head cbd tester jobs gently hitting his palm. I will be fine.Well, Li Changshou smiled, tapped her forehead lightly, turned and walked towards the archmage who was looking up at the sky under the willow tree.

Is the secret of Lintian Temple also lost Qin Tianzhu realized that he had said a little more, smiled at Li Changshou, and quietly lowered his head to drink tea.

The other fairies looked at each other in not bring this up again, I can not see the calculations behind it for a while, just tell the whole immortal island in our teaching.

As far as Heavenly Court is concerned, the demon clan is against the sky, and Heavenly Court can justifiably clean up the remnants of the demon clan As far as Lu Ya is concerned, Lu Ya is the son of the ancient demon emperor, and how much do edibles go for he may use this to ask His Majesty the Jade Emperor to spare his life.

The corners of Li Changshou is mouth twitched wildly, and his old face was a little hot, but fortunately, the only one here was a paper daoist, and his expressions were cbd syrup uk adjusted by immortal power.

He almost fell to his knees. The existence of saints like this is too cheating.Li Changshou secretly glanced at the Archmage, but saw that How to open CBD drip bottle .

Are CBD seeds legal :

  1. where to buy cbd gummies
  2. cbd gummies for pain
  3. natures boost cbd gummies
  4. shark tank cbd gummies
  5. eagle hemp cbd gummies reviews

Will using CBD cream show up on a drug test the Archmage was smiling gently, studying the material and texture of the low table in front of him, but did not hear what Saint Nuwa said just now.

The sounds of fairy music and que significa cbd en ingles laughter are far and near, and the situation of dancing and playing with shadows can be seen everywhere.

The middle aged Taoist asked back, Why can not a How to reduce anxiety pregnancy .

6.How to fall asleep fast home remedies VS how to make gummy bears with cbd

edibles review

Is it ok to take CBD with alcohol poor Taoist be a cook Is it because when Pindao served for the late emperor, he was known to the living beings because of his ability to pinch, but now he lives in seclusion, he has to be a divination master to match him Hahaha The middle aged Taoist pinched his goatee and said with a smile This is just His Highness is preconceived thoughts.

The main tone of my life in the People is Religion can not change.Although there has been a change in his mentality, the various preparations before the Conferred God how to make gummy bears with cbd Tribulation will not be affected.

But think about it, what do these words represent The demon clan wanted to act for heaven and fight for justice with the heavenly court with just cbd living sparkling water amazon these few declarations, Li how to make gummy bears with cbd Changshou would be able to wake up the Jade Emperor and let the heavenly court go to war against the demon clan in an all round way.

Li Changshou is heart was inexplicably still a little nervous. Shadow.The core of the inner city of Fengdu City, the immortal island suspended above the abyss, and the erect disc wrapped by the glow of the sun In this dim and low heaven and earth, countless summer night fireflies like streamers flew from all directions and were absorbed by this huge disc.

The two instantly turned into two light spots, and disappeared in a blink of an eye, only the thin quilt slipped gently.

Two fellow Daoists can rest assured, Li Changshou patted his chest, I will never tell Shui Shenyan about cbd tincture vs gummy this Only then did Niutou Ma Mian feel at ease.

Ling e next to her was grieved and wiped her face.Seeing that her brother was shaking his head and nodding again, he did not dare to disturb, so he could only sneak away quietly and go to take a shower.

If we were to fight the demons with the whole army at this moment, would not we be right in the mind of the demon clan Half of the immortals were thinking, and half were puzzled.

If they want to leave Tianya Pavilion, they only need to give 20 of the spiritual stones and treasures they have obtained in Tianya Pavilion to Tianya Pavilion, even if the cause and effect is broken.

Li Changshou Why are how to make gummy bears with cbd you so skilled Lingzhuzi was lying on a bed, holding a thin quilt, motionless there.

If it is small, it is just a family affair of the Jade Emperor and the Queen Mother.If the Queen Mother had not descended to the world, then naturally you do not need to worry about it at this time, but the Queen Mother has her intentions ahead, and she pursued it herself, and Her Majesty the Jade Emperor has to incarnate as a time manager , which is a bit inappropriate.

Most likely the former.Bang, bang, bang After a few bangs, the pill room reappeared on the surface of the mountain, and the surrounding formations disappeared.

Li Changshou looked at the playing watch in his hand, and there was a little safety in his eyes.With such a sect is warning, the probability that the West will be honest is much greater than before.

Everything that separates makes the most of it But everything has two sides.The Xianmen and the mortal Fangguo tribe secretly communicated songs, How to get better sleep .

7.Is CBD college legit

How to cope with chronic pain and depression thereby exploiting the mortals at the same time, these immortals are also protecting the mortals, so that most mortals of the mortals are not threatened by the demon clan.

Xiaoyin came to the Water God is Mansion to deliver the message, it should be the old gentleman is instruction.

Although dressed in casual casual clothes and put away the majesty of the saint, the saint Nuwa has an indescribable aura of her own, exuding a holy brilliance all the time.

Li Changshou did not care about this, the only thing he cared about was that Heng e took out the status of an ancient human princess.

The game at this time obviously did not rise to the level of saints.Suppressing these thoughts in his heart, Li Changshou kept thinking about countermeasures, and the method of water escape had been brought into full play.

Many thanks to Sea God for becoming a complete dragon family Many thanks to Sea God for making a complete order cbd products dragon family As soon cbd sleep without melatonin as the two met, Huanglong Zhenren saluted again and again, shouting like this.

The one who came first was the red sperm, who ranked second among the twelve golden immortals. This old Taoist was wearing a brown Taoist robe and looked thinner than before.Li Changshou It is over, it is over, Uncle Huang Seeing this, Chi Jing hurriedly said But because you heard about the Donghai Haiyan You are in retreat, so you do not have to blame yourself.

There is a saying that when Yang Jian split delta 8 gummies hempworx the mountain to save his mother, he rescued his how to make gummy bears with cbd mother making cannabis coconut oil reddit from Taoshan, but his mother was exposed to the sun and died.

Ji Wuyou wiped the blood from his mouth, his face paled even more, and he sighed faintly.Is this the tight lipped master of your elders Your bottle has too many seams How to do What else can I do Ji Wuyou drove the clouds towards the Little Qiongfeng.

After returning to my senses and savoring it carefully, I found that my heart had already been filled by my senior brother, and could how to make gummy bears with cbd not tolerate the footprints of others.

The real person of Yuding slowly closed his eyes, and there was a loud chanting around him.The mouth of Yuding appeared on the top of the head of the incarnation of Lust, and sprinkled a lot of jade light, trapping her directly in place.

This letter is either a bit negative, saying that he took the initiative to leave the flood and wander into chaos Either take the initiative and make a bet with us.

The last commander saw that there were only a few hundred cronies around the Dragon King what are natural ways to help anxiety of the West Sea.

At this moment, a wisp of Ksitigarbha is voice came into his ears, Li Changshou shot again, and the three breaths fell on the three people here.

Afterwards, Li Changshou thought about it, and when the master entered the Tongming Hall, he divided his mind and drove the paper daoist to see the situation of the Great Conferred God Supporting Actor.

This time, Li Changshou did not need to prepare those talismans and medicinal pills. What are you afraid of.Zhao Gongming pointed and calculated, and took the initiative to disperse his coercion, and drove Li Changshou to the north.

Hearing a sigh coming from the side, Daoist Is CBD good for nerve pain .

8.How to stop feeling so stressed

How to reduce hair follicle inflammation Lu Ya regained his how to make gummy bears with cbd energy, murmured the word empress , a white what do cbd gummies without thc do shadow flashed, and Lu Ya is figure disappeared.

Many immortals have developed similar magic weapons themselves, and there has been a one on one live broadcast event in the heavenly court.

The second is the ZTE faction, who want to restore the ancient glory of the demon clan and contribute their own strength.

There is no strange thought At this time, this paper Taoist, or Bai Ze, was in a large scale stone hall.

They can bring these to how to make gummy bears with cbd how to make gummy bears with cbd the does quercetin reduce inflammation ancient demon soldiers of the human race, let them see the battle strength of today is court, and let these do not worry, old man.

Let me take action today, I have played against these outer spirits more than a dozen times, Best CBD oil for inflamation how to make gummy bears with cbd and I have some understanding of them.

Can mortals outrun those monsters You can not run for sure, that is bad. Ling e did not continue to ask questions.After thinking about it for a long time after returning to her residence, her Dao Heart became more complete.

Hearing the black panther sighed with emotion, he sighed My demon clan, I will be able to thrive again Li Changshou nodded calmly and continued to drink this guy.

Qin Tianzhu frowned for a while, and could not how to make gummy bears with cbd help but wonder why his water god still studies this.Lu Yue took a deep breath, picked up such an ingenious magic tool and carefully how to make gummy bears with cbd pondered, and said in a low voice, Although this is a good treasure, the poison pill that needs to be refined can be colorless and tasteless.

Li Changshou picked up the wine glass and asked warmly, Do you still want to drink No, I will how to make gummy bears with cbd be really drunk if I drink it again, Yun Xiao shook his head gently, I always like to dance when I am drunk.

There are dozens of marijuana and depression angels, more than a hundred true immortals, and two masters who are faintly in the golden fairyland Jiu Jiu hiccupped, how to make gummy bears with cbd shrank his neck instantly, turned to look at Youqin Xuanya, and muttered The situation does not seem right, shall we slow down This one really can not be beat.